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International and Domestic Freight Forwarding Company

Our Freight services cover the following areas:

  • Air Cargo Services
  • Land Cargo Services (INDONESIA)
  • Handling and Brokerage

The General Info on PT. Gading Cargotama

PT. Gading Cargotama provides cargo services from Indonesia to global destinations or from any place on the globe to Indonesia. Our main cargo service is Air Cargo although we deliver land cargo and packages within our National Bounderies. Currently, the company has an on-going operations to deliver liquid cargo such as Crude Palm Oil, Cooking Oil, and other types of Ocean Freight services.

Rates and Handling Charges

We have been serving customers with the modest freight rates available from carriers. We even try to get ad-hock rates for certain weights of shipments. As a co-loader, we intend to be at any agents' convinience so that their shipments and handlings are served better.

More Information

For more information on our company, please browse our CONTACT PAGE to see the most easy way for customers to contact us.

Booking Information

To get the latest Freight Rates or book your shipments, please call (021) 852-0234/5/6, or Fax us at (021) 8590-7512 in Jakarta, Indonesia.